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Sunday Lunch Menu



                                       SUNDAY LUNCH MENU:




                                            Soup of the day/chefs salad/fritters


                                                                        MAINCOURSE :                                                    


                                                 CHOICE OF TWO MEATS

                                                               Roast beef

                                                            Roast chicken

Roast leg of lamb

           Home made chicken pie

                                                         Tradition bobotie


                    ANY FOUR OF THE FOLOWING SIDE DISHES:                  


                                                        Creamed spinach

                                           Cauliflower with cheese sauce

                                                       Roasted Butternut 

                                                     Sweet potato wheels

                                                           Roast potatoes
                                                           Sweet corn tart


                                                           Pasta rice salad
                                                         Three bean salad
                                         Farm style sweet and sour beetroot

                                                             Basmati rice



Homemade dessert selection/ malva pudding/cheese cake/chocolate mousse