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Seafood Menu

Design your own Seafood Menu:


Seafood cocktail (Served with a cocktail roll)

Shrimp cocktail (Served on a bed of lettuce)

Hake bites (Served with seafood mayonaise)

Calamari strips (Served with tartar sauce)

Mussels (In white wine garlic sauce)

Main Course:

 (All mains are served with seafood rice/Savoury rice)

 Grilled Snoek Served in apricot sauce

Yellow Tail Served with a Thai sauce

Pan fried prawns Infused in a garlic lemon butter sauce

Thai style prawns In Thai sauce

Deep fried prawns

Deep fried calamari Served with tartar sauce

Mussels In a white wine garlic sauce

Crayfish tails SQ Grilled or Steamed

Seafood Paella Trio of Seafood

Seafood potjie