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Welcome to Karoo Catering

Karoo catering was established on 1 January 2005 by Gavin and Wesley. Gavin has been in the restaurant trade for 18 years and Wesley is a qualified chef.


We started Karoo catering to offer excellent service and quality to our clients. The lambs we use all come from the Karoo, hence the name “Karoo Catering”. They feed off a plant in the Karoo called the fynbossie which gives the lamb its own unique taste. We therefore do not inject our meat with beer or any herb essences.


Our mission


Karoo catering is a dynamic, innovative and energetic catering business that specializes in offering creative food combinations to suit your taste buds. We cater for any number of guests, for all types of occasions, at better than affordable prices.


Karoo Catering Specializes in:


Spitbraais • Venison braais – e.g. Springbok •  Potkie Kos

Birthday parties • Wedding functions •     Home-made dishes

Chicken spits • Corporate Events • Seafood Specialities • and many more


Our lamb can be done in various styles: Moroccan, lemon and herb or with our own secret home-made basting 

We offer tailor-made menu packages according to your specifications and budget. (You can design your own menu.)


Spitbraais can be done indoor and outdoors - no mess no fuss.

We also hire out our Spitbraai machines.

If you would like to own your own Spitbraai machine, they can be made to order according to your specifications - for indoor and outdoor use.


* Please note we will shortly have Karoo Spitbraai sauces and spices available for sale.